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September 18, 2009

Sesame Crusted Soy Ginger Tuna

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It’s not secret that I love tuna, I love it raw and cooked every which way.  But growing up tuna was not something we EVER (and I do mean ever) cooked.  In my family tuna came in a can.  It’s rather sad but I never thought past that.  When I first saw tuna raw and in the flesh I was flabbergasted…I mean it was purple!!!  I was perplexed in my experience tuna was white and so dry that it had to be mixed in equal part with mayonnaise.  Well I’ve learned that tuna is a delicious fish, and properly cooked it in no way resembles the dry white flakes in the can.  The most important thing to realize when cooking tuna is that it should be seared and preferably rare on the inside (make sure you have a good quality fish so there’s no fear of…)  This is a recipe that was inspired in part by a delicious meal I had at a restaurant and in part by the finale of a season of Hell’s Kitchen. (more…)

September 17, 2009

Fish sandwich

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This is a left over recipe. When I made my fish balls half the mixture was leftover so I made one LARGE patty, dipped it in the tempura and fried it. Then I refidgerated it. The next day I heated a teaspoon of oil in a frying pan and crisped up the outside. I toasted an english muffin and slathered on some skipper’s tarter sauce and finished it off with thinly sliced carrot, some baby spinach leaves and white onion. It was so good.

Fish Balls

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MMmmMM good! I was going to make fish and chips. Another of the hubby’s favorite (seeing a theme yet?) when he asked me to make him some potstickers…what? For those of you who don’t know my hubby and his legendary pickiness, this is as unsual request as a vegan asking for chicken. So I tweaked my meal planning and made some asian flavored tuna balls. They were quite good. (more…)

Yummy Tuna Sushi Bowl

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I’m obsessed with sushi, I mean seriously OBSESSED! I could eat it almost every day. There is an art to making sushi, but it’s fairly simple to make a yummy bowl to enjoy at home. If you are using raw fish make sure it’s extremely fresh, and should NOT smell like fish, but like the sea.

This is a single serving…because I’m the only sushi aficionado in the home.

Fish (tuna) tacos

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My husband LOVES fish tacos whenever we go out to Mexican food restaurants it’s what he orders. His favorite to date come from a chain restaurant (HORRORS!) called Acapulcos. This was my attempt at copying them. (more…)

What to do with Tuna

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I purchased an whole albacore tuna down at the docks. The average they had was about 13 pounds, which when cleaned leaves me with almost 6 pounds of fish. I was lucky enough that the fisher men filleted it for me so I only had to deal with portioning out 4 large boneless loins. I cut the loins down into 4 even portions about 1 pound each and froze them. The rest was irregular shaped end pieces that I decided to eat fresh.

Fish Tacos
Tuna Sushi Bowl
Fish Balls
Fish Sandwich
Sesame Crusted Soy Ginger Tuna

September 9, 2009

Homemade Corn Dogs

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My godsons were visiting this weekend, and unfortunately they are very picky eaters. I had plans for an adult dinner, corned beef and cabbage, but the boys weren’t interested. So I pulled a package of hotdogs out of the freezer, but I didn’t have any buns…what to do?

1 pckg of hotdogs
1 cup masa
1/4 cup frozen corn
2 tbsp water
1/2 cup-1 cup milk
2 tbsp of sugar
oil for frying

Blend frozen corn and water until the consistancy of creamed corn, mix all ingredients and dip hot dogs into batter. Fry in oil until dark brown (not black).

If you have a fryer you can put a stick in the corn dog, otherwise just fry it without it and add it after cooking.

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