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February 2, 2009

Mindy’s Naughty Baked Macaroni

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Most of the time when I’m cooking I try and avoid too many fats, but every once in awhile you have to have something naughty…The first time I made this the hubby went back for seconds.  Everytime he asks me to make he asks for more and more bacon to be added.  I usually end up adding an entire package now and it still isn’t enough…he likes his extra bad for you. 

1 pckg. of elbow noodles
2 cups each of shredded cheddar, fontina & smoked Gouda
8-12 slices of bacon chopped
Potato chips, thicker is better (I use kettle chips)

Boil noodles until just before the al dente stage.  Fry bacon pieces until crispy and drain, reserving 2 tbsp. of drippings.  Add flour to drippings until it makes a soft paste (roux), do not add so much flour that the paste forms a ball or clumps.  Add 1 cup of milk to your roux and stir until creamy.  Add fontina and gouda and half of the cheddar, stir until melted.  Laddel a little of the sauce into the bottom of the baking dish, mix remaing sauce and noodles together and pour into the baking dish.  Top with the remaing cheddar the bacon bits and crumble the potato chips on top.  Bake at 350 degrees for at least 30 min.  Baking time will vary depending on the dimensions of your baking dish.  Enjoy!

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