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June 26, 2008

Must Have Items

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These are some the things I have found that I MUST keep in my fridge and Pantry:

Strauss family creamery Milk
Pasturized, but not humogonized milk in a glass bottle…it’s all about the glass bottle…try it and you’ll never go back.  I hate milk, but even I’m addicted.  Another positive for me is that they are a local farm

Honey flavored Greek Style Yogurt
Again I’m not a big fan of yogurt, something about the texture & sour flavor just turn me off, BUT I absolutely love this yogurt…check out my parfait recipe for a piece of heaven!!!

-Strained Tomatoes
I like making things from scratch especially spaghetti sauce, but tomatoes can be expenisve to buy in large enough ammounts to do it right.  I find this product to work great in everything for sauce to soup. 

-Grassfed Beef
Need I say more??? well I could write an entire page on grass fed beef…hmm…not a bad Idea…anyways it’s meat that acctually tastes like…well…MEAT.  Not to mention healthier, lower in fat, & it’s humane!  My dinner didn’t stand in it’s own poop its whole life eating bits of it’s family…did your’s?

-Chicken Tenderloins
Okay I’ll admit it…I buy the foster farms brand from costo…it’s so cheap…I’m sure theres organic out there and I’ll buy it next time…I swear…well, maybe.

-Prepealed Garlic
It’s just to easy and I use A LOT of Garlic so why not save some time…again I buy the HUGE thing from Costco…not organic I’m ashamed to say, but I’m getting better and better every day.

-Sundried Tomatoes
In oil they’ll save the day…if you haven’t gone shopping in a while toss them in some pasta with whatever frozen meat you have in the freezer, salt, pepper, parmagian cheese and some chili flakes…

-Frozen Prawns
I like the HUGE ones again from Costco (what’s a girl to do? bulk rocks)  I buy the big package in the meat section and it lasts me and the hubby quite a while.  Again their HUGE, only a couple and you got a meal. 

-Goat cheese usually chevre
I found it freezes well and I like to pick a couple up when they are on sale and freeze them…another meal saver when you are short on ingredients…check out the ittalian eye of round…delish!

-Olive Oil
Tastes good, good for you, great to cook with will even work well in cake bater…olive oil! olive oil! olive oil!  We buy the two big jugs from Costco…

-Balsamic Vinegar

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