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May 31, 2010

My first duck breast

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I craved duck…for weeks. So I finally convinced my hubby to let me buy some at the store. I read up on cooking duck breast and I prepared it like this:

-1 duck breast

-dried cherries
-Southern Comfort
-2 mushrooms
-1/2 tbsp butter
-1/2 tbsp olive oil
-1/3 cup chicken stock
-1/8 cup of apple cider

Soak dried cherries in so. Comfort. Score the duck breast on the skin side every 1/4 inch. Make sure not to cut into the meat. Season with salt and pepper. In a hot (not too hot pan) put the breast skin side down on a medium/low heat. When the meat hits the pan it should sizzle but then the heat should be lowered so it doesn’t burn as the breast should cook skin side down for 5-10 minutes based on the size of your breast. Suatee mushrooms in butter and olive oil deglaze with chicken stock and let simmer until reduced by half. Flip the breast and cook for 2-3 more minutes and place in a 375 degree oven until meat is 140 degrees return to stove top and add sauce to pan. Add cherries and liquid to sauce, and light on fire…come on it’s fun. Continue to cook breast until the meat is 150 then remove from heat and let rest, meat should be about 160. Slice and serve with sauce over the top.

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