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May 4, 2014

Another organization board

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Just a quick snapshot of a rainy day craft the kids and I just finished.  A board to organize all my yarn art tools. Knitting looms and a bucket for my crochet hooks. Still room if I buy another loom or something 🙂

May 3, 2014

Easy window cleaning (really!)

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Sometimes I realize I spend all together too much time alone with myself and 3 small children.  Today I found myself cackling to myself when I realized I  could clean my big old windows without a ladder and without moving my couch (which would add a few minutes as I’d have to clean under the sofa as well…). All I had to do was use my swifter…duh. Forgive me if I’m late to the game with this idea, but for me its a game changer!


And of course this is a great way to get your window clean with little effort


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