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September 27, 2018

Race to 10

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It’s that time of year again…The first month of school. Which means going back over what we learned last year, to make sure we mastered all of our topics.

Turns out my poor first grader did not get as from the foundation as her siblings did so we are going back over a lesson that really helped her older siblings.

We call it race to 10. First they learn everybody’s partner in the race to 10. Then every time we’re in the car, wr play race to 10. I tell them I have a 2 (or any number 1-9) and I need 10 and they race to tell me the answer. Oh the joys of homeschooling… You don’t even get a break when you’re driving to the grocery store.

Click here to download the race to 10 worksheet

This is something I created to enhance our beloved Math-U-see curriculum.

Even if you aren’t using math you see, consider purchasing a set of math manipulative blocks, they are super helpful with helping children grasp math concepts. You can find different base 10 blocks on amazon, but I greatly prefer the Math-U-See version. In addition to blocks for 100, 10 & 1. This set has blocks for all numbers 1-10, & 100. It is occasionally found on amazon, but can be ordered directly from Math-U-See’s website

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