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September 28, 2008

High Fructose Corn Syrup

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Recently the marketers of High Fructose Corn Syrup have begun to battle back against people who have been speaking out about the negative aspects of HFCS. 

There’s a debate raging about whether or not HFCS is bad for you or not.  I’m just going to reiterate what they say in their own commercial…it’s fine in moderation.  The only problem is it is in EVERYTHING.  If it’s in a box or a bag in the grocery store chances are it contains HFCS. 

So, what can you do?  I’ve found that just by being an informed shopper I can avoid over consumption of HFCS (and hydrogenated oils).  I usually reccomend trying either one of two things.  Try and avoid eating foods containing HFCS for an entire month…or two.  Once you cut it out of your diet foods that contain it just don’t taste right.  The other thing that I reccomend usually comes after this step and it is simple.  Just read labels.  If you are going to consume HFCS you should acknowledge it…don’t just grab a soda and ignore what it is.  Know what you are eating.  This was the biggest change in my life.  Just knowing that every single thing I consumed contained HFCS turned my stomach.  And I naturally gravitated to foods that didn’t contain it.  Now I look for organic foods that contain ingredients that I can pronounce and number less than fingers on my hands…I also try different brands to find things that aren’t just healthier but taste good.  I haven’t been on a diet in 4 years. Yet, I’m constantly complimented on my skin, I’ve managed to lose 20 pounds and because I’ve been so conscience of my body I was able to get diagnosed with an autoimmune disease that was distroying my life and even control it.  I also managed to get pregnant immediately after my hubby and I started trying…something my previous doctors warned me would be incredibly difficult. 


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