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September 25, 2018

A big move…

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I’ve put off blogging, for forever. We moved, and moved again, and well… Life got in the way.

I’ll give you the quick version. I lost my Jamberry business (still miffed), there was a wedding I was hugely involved in, a car accident, the baby got pneumonia, made a “best friend” connection, lost said best friend, bought 24 chickens & 3 goats…2 goats had tripplets ( in the same month), bought an RV to stay near a with a sick family member, said family member lost their battle with cancer, on the same day my grams broke her hip…got transferred to socal, sold almost all our possessions, bought a monster of a truck, moved into the RV full time, went on some Adventures, sold my mom-mobile, went keto, lost 20 pounds and now I’m trying to get back on track. As I said LIFE…full of ups and downs.

So you’re all caught up. We were relocated to San Diego in June, and we decided it was time to make our dreams of living on a sailboat come true. BUT, we had all the debt from the RV and new truck… So we moved into the RV to practice small living while saving up for our dream boat.

Selling everything we owned except for our family heirlooms and pictures was the most freeing and stressful experience of my life. It’s hard to let go of things you have collected for 15 years. But, we did it and we’ve now been full-time living in an RV (while homeschooling) for 6 months now. It’s been surprisingly not awful.

We’ve learned a lot. So that’s what a lot of my posts will be about in the coming months (plus some obligatory food posts). Things we found that helped us, mistakes we’ve made, I’ll give you a tour of the RV (when I cleaned up)… Basically I’ll introduce you to our RV home, in #MamasTrailer

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