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July 20, 2009

My lady lotsa lox Bagel

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Rememeber lady lovely locks?  Come on, the cartoon with the girls with long lovely bountiful locks of hair? Still not ringing the bell? she had pixies hiding in her hair that would help her save the day…no?  You must not have been a kid in the early eighties…bad style and weird (but great) cartoons. 
Moving on…this bagel is wonderful, and not at all an origonal, bagels with lox and cream cheese have been enjoyed for years…but here on the west coast it’s just not eaten very often.  and why the heck not?!?! it’s amazing.  I don’t keep cream cheese in the fridge that often anymore because I prefer marscapone (the italian version) but I’m sure either is yummy. 

One bagel (a good one from a bagel shop would deffinitely be a plus)
smear of marscapone/cream cheese
lotsa lotsa lox (cold smoked salmon, you know the kind that isn’t flaky)
thinly sliced red onion
some fresh lemon juice
coarse fresh ground pepper

toast bagel (duh) smear on your creamy goodness (marscapone in my case) top with lox, load ‘er up, squeeze just a few drops of lemon juice, top with onion & dill and grind some pepper on top.  OOOOOOOhhh

*side note*
the lox (a.k.a smoked salmon) from costco is quite yummy and you can portion it out into sandwich bags and freeze it.  It gets a little bit mushier, but ins’t terribly noticeable.  YUM

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