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May 22, 2009


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So we all know that women (most alteast) love to shop.   Well, I am no exception.  However, I never have enough money to buy even a fraction of what I would like to.  So, in order to keep track of stuff that I would like to purchase, and some fun random things I started a kaboodle account.  It’s online wishlist/shoppinglist.  And I have to say it is soo much fun.  I have lists of everything from things I want for my kitchen to what I’d buy if I won the lotto.  I keep track of places I want to go on vaction too and places I want to eat at.  I put gift ideas on there….gift ideas for people to give to me and gift ideas for me to give to other people.  You can have friends and see what they are adding to their lists and even create a poll so people can vote and tell you which shoes are cuter.  So when I’m broke, I shop online…I just don’t buy anything, atleast right away. Check out my list here.

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